Torque Tools, Maintenance and Avoidance

Torque tools are abundant in many industries. These mighty little machines are capable of a wide range of measurements. No matter what your project, you will need to make sure that your torque tool is being used and maintained correctly. We wanted to provide a few helpful tips to this end. The basic mechanism within the common torque tool is a spring. This is being compressed and decompressed depending on the level of torque that you adjust your wrench or screwdriver to. For this reason, you can understand, that a torque tool will have a shelf life that is very dependent on its use. The better care that is given to the internal mechanisms the longer your tool and your calibration will last.

Calibration: The Who, What and Why

Since entering the calibration industry it has always been an interesting experience sharing what my job is and what I do. I calibrate testing equipment. This is usually met with either an explanation of understanding or completely blank stares. Sometimes you get questions about whether or not we can calibrate your piano. This we cannot do. However, for many in the manufacturing field, this is a familiar concept. You have equipment you rely on to develop your product and you need to trust these measurements are accurate and precise. This is where we come in. Calibration is the process of upholding national standards of measurements to lower level equipment. There is an internationally tracea

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